EcoSync has come up with a solution addressing all 3 issues of CO2;
pollution, cost and wasted energy and the solution is simple:

Stop heating empty rooms!

Our energy consumption and C02 emission from our buildings is growing:


In 2019: 39%


In 2030: 50%

Larger organisations spend millions of euros on their energy bills while 70% of their heated rooms are empty and 40% of the energy is wasted!

Cloud-based platform for responsive heating

We have created a cloud-based platform for existing building technologies like the room booking system and heating control to synchronise and communicate so we can provide heating for occupied areas only.


We use IoT devices, machine learning algorithms and an innovative hardware-free occupancy detection technology to identify empty rooms and create responsive heated zones where needed.

If you are interested in our smart heating / cooling technology then please contact us!

Ecosync offers retrofitted solution for older buildings


of the commercial buildings in the EU are 50 years old or older.

EcoSync offers a retrofitted solution that has been successfully implemented in buildings from the 15th and from the 1830’s as well and suitable for hotels, hospitals, office buildings etc across UK, Europe and North America.

If You are interested in our technology, then please have a look to our four minutes introduction video.

Our aim is to fight climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings!