The problem we solve

70% of the commercial buildings are empty but heated and 40% of the energy is wasted.

The lack of room-by-room level control makes offices uncomfortable, the buildings inefficient, the management frustrated.

Our solution

Our dynamic energy management platform adapts temperature control to changing occupancy levels.


 Our patent-pending technology aggregates time and location specific temperature and occupancy data. It is a sensor-free solution that saves money on installation and investment.

 Data is used for AI-powered optimisation, creating the digital fingerprint of the rooms.

Control is executed by maintenance-free devices.

With EcoSync’s “Dynamic Energy Management Platform” you will:

  • Gain control over and feel confident about how energy is consumed in the buildings.
  • Serve the occupants with enhanced comfort.
  • Meet your sustainability goals.

The technology has been developed by Oxford scientists addressing the shortfalls of the existing systems on the market. No wires, no costly installation, no inflexible schedules. A solution suitable even for older buildings with or without a building management system,with certified environmental impact.


Control Package

Building Performance and Efficiency

Our Control package is for operations managers who need to gain control over their buildings.

The Control package is a retrofitted solution that gives them a flexible room-by-room level temperature control for the cost fraction of any BMS.

Simple, Manageable, Flexible

Carbon Package

Stop Heating Empty Rooms

Carbon Package: for Energy and Sustainable Managers who want to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.

The Carbon package is a cloud-based platform adapting temperature control to real-time occupancy so they can stop heating empty rooms

Adaptive and Dynamic

Comfort Package

Optimized Temperature for Your Community

Comfort Package is for office managers who want to improve the office conditions and environment.

The Comfort Package provides the perfect balance between comfort and building efficiency with a simple user interface (Roommate) that enables all users to adjust the temperature according to their preferences using their mobiles.

Simple, Accessible, People-centric

Case study

We are passionate about making a difference in how energy is consumed in the built environment,
so that managers can save money and occupants experience comfort.

Our clients

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