EcoSync Gen2 LoraWan GateWay Connectivity

This page is about the EcoSync Gen2 LoraWan enabled gateways connectivity.
If you see this page you probably scanned one of our devices and wonder what is it or what went wrong?
This device is used for smart heating control. It communicates with LoRaWan (LOng RAnge Wide Area Network) with EcoSync smart valves placed around your building.
This device does not use conventional WIFI.
The gateway needs to be connected to the internet to be able to communicate with our cloud software stack and that we can have remote access for upgrades or remote trouble shooting.
Among other things we use MQTT messages going through Google Cloud, so any restrictions on the connectivity of this device can jepardise the heating in your building.
The gateway itself sends an “I’M ALIVE” message to one of our servers every ten minutes. If scanning the QR shows it is not online, it means that more than 10 minutes has passed since the last time the gateway was able to reach our server.
If you have further questions please contact us, or your facility management / IT team.