Climate change+ AI

Invites you to join the Oxford Foundry event:

Climate change + AI
on 18 September, 5.30pm

Join our founder Dr Zsuzsa A. Mayer Ph.D. and other exciting tech startups at the Foundry  to find out how Oxford is using AI to fight against climate change.

Come to the Oxford Foundry where you’ll hear from some of Oxford University’s startup founders that are using AI to help us tackle climate change across a number of domains from agriculture and deforestation to climate prediction and transportation. Open to the public and the University of Oxford community.

Date and Time
Wed, 18 September 2019
17:30 – 19:30 BST

The Oxford Foundry
3-5 Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford
OX1 2EW, United Kingdom

More information

Dr Zsuzsa A. Mayer, Ph.D. is a chartered engineer with an MSc in engineering and PhD in renewable energy, and Co-Founder of EcoSync, a venture from cohort 1 of our L.E.V8 accelerator programme.